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I-cert, as an accredited certification body, strives to serve our Customers through a total commitment to integrity, service excellence and customer satisfaction.

To ensure the credibility of our accreditation we will at all times comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2016 and the latest IAF guidelines on implementation of this Standard, as well as the requirements laid down by our accreditation body, SANAS.

With the involvement of both our own staff, as well as carefully screened, selected and competent subcontractors we will continuously strive for a high level of quality in every activity.

We will strive to meet the needs and requirements of our Customers, and consistently aim to exceed their expectations.

Icert aims to certify all types industry, depending on our ability to obtain the necessary SANAS codes.

We understand the importance of impartiality, ensure objectivity and that no conflict of interest exists in carrying out management system certification activities.

Though our formally documented management system, we ensure continuous improvement in our customer services.

This is consistent with our commitment to play a positive role in the certification environment and ensure that we act, and are perceived as a, responsible, trustworthy and sincere certification body.

Adherence to the letter as well as the spirit of certification requirements is the responsibility of every member of the i-Cert team.

The i-Cert team strives to:

- Provide ethical certification with reliable service;
- be flexible remaining within the requirements of accreditation
- Expand our business, without sacrificing integrity;
- Stay in personal contact with our customers; 
- Meet all contractually agreed requirements & 
- Continuously improve the effectiveness of our Management System. 
Approved by: Jan de Raedt
                            Managing Director 05 September 2018

Certification process

Certification to a management system standard follow a three-year certification cycle and is a process that consists granting and maintaining certification.
Starting with initial certification or recertification (granting certification) and then followed by surveillance audits (Maintaining certification)


Granting Certification

An initial certification audit, recertification audit or a transfer audit is conducted by iCert.

- auditing of information and evidence about conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system standard and operational control of a client’s processes is conducted.

A decision for granting certification is made by iCert. This decision is made based on the information provided by the audit team.

The certificate is issued and then maintaining certification starts.


Maintaining Certification

To maintain certification a client must demonstrate that they continue to satisfy the requirements of the applicable management system standard.

This is done by conducting surveillance audits at six monthly/ twelve monthly basis.


Expanding Certification Scope

This is a process where a client would like a change to the existing scope of certification.

This can be done during any stage of the certification process.

A review of this application is required by iCert, followed by a decision whether or not extension may be granted.


Suspending, withdrawing, reducing the scope of certification

Certification of a management system certification will be suspended if

1. The client’s management system persistently fails to meet the certification requirements;

2. The certified client does not allow audits to be conducted at the frequencies stipulated;

3. Or the certified client has voluntary requested for suspension

Under suspension a certified clients management system is temporarily invalid. Only once the issue that has led to suspension has been resolved, shall the certification be restored. Should the issue that led to suspension not be resolved, this will lead to withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification.

Refusing Certification

iCert reserves the right to refuse certification, should we not be able to offer the scope of certification sought, or to issue a certificate for the applicable management system standard, where in iCert’s opinion the client does not comply with law, the applicable management system requirements and/or iCert’s conditions of certification.

Transfer of Certification


Transfer of certification from one Certification Body to another is one of the choices that a company has.

The process is regulated by IAF MD.

Please contact us if you are interested in this

Complaints / Appeal Process


Complaints and appeals against i-Certs certification activities or against a client certified by i-Cert, must follow the process below.

Use of i-Cert logo / marks

The iCert logo/marks can only be used by clients that are certificated by iCert inline with the applicable management system standard.

The iCert logo/marks may not be used to imply product certification and may not be used on certificates of conformance, analysis or calibration.
No reference to iCert may be made in any documentation upon suspension or withdrawal of certification.
Under no circumstances may a client imply that certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification.
The client may not use iCert’s certification in such a manner, that could bring the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.

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