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I-cert is a SANAS accredited certification body, operating in Southern Africa. Our main focus is on the certification of:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 50001:2011
OHSAS 18001:2007 and
Responsible Care

Values and Objectives

i-Cert was established in 2004, specialising in the fields of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety. We pride ourselves in offering impartial and ethical certification and exceptional service to our customers.
i-Cert, as an accredited certification body, strives to serve our customers through a total commitment to integrity, service excellence and customer satisfaction.
A significant aspect of the process of meeting our objectives, involves the establishment and maintenance of a formal Quality Management System. This is the vehicle by which we put in place a pro-active system of standards and processes to ensure that all our services provided are properly accounted for, documented, handled, recorded and filed. This is consistent with our commitment to play a positive role in the certification environment and ensure that we act, and are perceived as, a competent, responsible, impartial and trustworthy certification body.
We strive to add value to our clients business and thus apply very stringent auditor qualification requirements. With the involvement of both our own people, as well as carefully selected and competent subcontractors we will continuously strive for a high level of quality in every activity.
Adherence to the letter as well as the spirit of certification requirements is the responsibility of every member of the i-Cert team and this is achieved through, procedures established in our Quality Management Manual designed to provide positive tracking of all services provided.
i-Cert pledges itself to:

* Always offer a reliable and ethical service
* Resolve differences quickly and efficiently
* Provide transparency in all our activities
* To play a positive role in certification environment
* Ensure personal, professional and courteous contact and service


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